01. Hallelujah - The Canadian Tenors
02. That XX (Uncensored)- GD
03. My Little Princess (Acapella) - DBSK
04. Hope is a Dream That Never Sleeps (Acapella) - Kyuhyun
05. The Chaser (Piano Ver.) - Infinite
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I hate people generally, but I like people individually.

— introverts (via ileu)

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"Women are the niggers of gender," the email said. "If you killed yourself, I wouldn’t even fuck the corpse."

I blinked at my phone, fighting simultaneous urges to hurl my phone across the room in anger and cry. Later that day, someone texted me my address — telling me they’d “See me when I least expected it.”

I haven’t been out to my car at night by myself since January 2nd.

My name is Brianna Wu. I lead a development studio that makes games. Sometimes, I write about issues in the games industry that relate to the equality of women. My reward is that I regularly have men threatening to rape and commit acts of violence against me.
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Literally me.


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